Why Dogtime Community?

In this metropolitan era, we understand that many people in the larger cities would love to own a dog but face many barriers to assume the responsibilities of a successful dog ownership. But as dogs have the power to create new social connections between two total strangers, we believe everyone should be able to experience the love and kindness that they have to offer.

By making it easier to connect with a dog and make you feel like you actually own the dog for the time of the walk, not only does it solves the frustration of not being able to own a dog but we also believe that it will have a positive impact on pet abandonment by reducing the gap between people who own dogs and people who can’t, which is often prone to impulsive dog purchasing.

Do you believe the world would be a better place if more people could enjoy the company of a dog? If so, keep reading...

How it works

We try to make it as accessible as possible. As a result, all you need is a valid phone number and credit card and you're all set to book your first dog.

Once you sent your first request, you will need to wait for the owner to approve your walk. Depending on the time of the day, it might take any time between 30 seconds and a few hours. We always recommend sending your request at least 24 hours in advance but some dog owners are fine with last minute requests as well. Also, do not hesitate to send multiple requests at once as you can always cancel them if need be.

When your walk is approved, you will be able to connect with the owner through our chat interface inside the messaging tab and get additional information such as the exact address of where to pick up the dog and the owner's phone number in case you need to call them. Once the time of the walk arrives, just get there, pick up the dog and enjoy your walk!

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