Making friends in Montreal

With its many universities, Montreal is a student city with people from all over the world. Some might say making friends is easy, just go to class and you'll meet awesome people who will end up becoming your best friends. However, it can be hard to compete with all the cool kids in the room.

Another approach consists of hanging out around the many universities with a dog. Most people will think that the dog is yours so just make sure that you've checked his bio beforehand or just say that you got him from Dogtime Community, it's usually a great way to start a conversation, and who knows where it'll take you.

Things to do

The city is full of awesome dog friendly spots, you just need to know about them. Here's a list of our favourite ones.

The Mont Royal park is probably the nicest park downtown. It's huge with 3 main spots. Walk around Beaver Lake and rent a small boat to navigate the water in summer or ice skate in the winter. Take a look over the city at the Mount Royal Chalet observatory and listen to someone playing outdoor piano if you're lucky. Walk up the status of the cross and get lost in the woods. We recommend taking Confiture out with you if you can handle big dogs but be ready to get stopped by dozens of people asking you to take pictures with him.

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On the other hand, if you're looking for a fenced dog park where you can let the dog run and play fetch, the Percy Walter dog park is where you want to go. It's located right beneath the mountain on Dr Penfield and Redpath St. Here are a few dogs close by who know the park well.

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Dog friendly spaces

Le Doggy Cafe in the Plateau is an indoor dog cafe that regularly hosts dog meetups.

Le Marché des Éclusiers in the Old Port is an indoor and outdoor bar and terrasse that accepts dogs on the border of the Saint Laurent river.

Terrasse Saint Ambroise in Saint-Henri is another great spot in the summer with a huge outdoor dog friendly terrasse.

We recommend you take Clarence the Corgi if you plan on going for a walk in the Old Port or Griffintown area.


If you know any other cool spot, feel free to shoot us an email at and we'll make sure to add it to our list.

Enjoy your walks!