Dogtime Community.

We connect dog lovers to local dogs for on demand promenades.

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Dogtime Community is a team of dog loving designers and developers working together since 2016 to make it easier for anybody to spend time with a dog, whether they are students, young professionals traveling often or couples looking to adopt.

Everyone's a winner here. Dogs get to do what they like most - being outside, while dog lovers get to enjoy the company of a furry friend without the full commitment.


Extra outdoor exercising time.

Puppy socialization.

Dog Owners

Free up some time.

Meet your neighbours

Dog Lovers

Enjoy dogs without the full-time commitment.

Make new relationships.

Stay healthy.


"I had a fun two hour walk with the adorable Pug called French Fry. The Dogtime Community people are very helpful and organized which made the walk so enjoyable!"

Leah Russel
"It's a great idea and I believe more people are going to love this."

Jiaheng Xu
"My dog loves going on walks with the Dogtime Community members. I get many requests and all I have to do is approve them if I'm available for that time."

Felipe Posada
Owner of Sindar