For someone who has lived her entire life in downtown Montreal, Catherine has an unluckily preference for calm afternoons. Always trying to find fun new ways to enjoy her weekends in the city, she describes herself as a lover of the outdoors. We met Catherine a few days ago through DogTime Community.

Good Shoes, Water and finally a Canine Friend

As she talks enthusiastically about her Sunday walk, Catherine mentions her many encounters with dog walkers. One of her wishes has always been to have a little canine company herself. But like many of us, Catherine’s lifestyle wouldn’t allow her to be a good dog owner. She knew that as a graduate student with no car and little free time, she wasn’t ready to commit to a dog. And not to mention that the building she currently lives in does not allow them. She longed for a four-legged friend, “but not cat or a hamster” she laughs.

Searching for a creative way to solve her problem Catherine fell upon many different opportunities and options before finding DogTime Community. “I saw Pixel on the website. And once I understood how the community worked I was inspired to contact a few owners. Lucky for me I finally got to spend the afternoon with an awesome dog.” she tells us.

Meeting new Friends is a walk in the Park

Four days later, she was wandering along Lachine Canal with none other than a 3-year-old german shepherd named Knight. Always an adventurer at heart, she loved the discovery of meeting a new dog and the discovery of parks and parts of town she rarely visits on her own.

How a Regular Walk becomes an Adventure

The result: Catherine and her friends have walked three different dogs since. “What makes you want to walk a dog?” we asked her. “I always loved dogs and find them so much fun. As a child I would always be so happy when we crossed one in the streets. There’s also the fact that Montreal at this time of the year is perfect for this kind of activity. I like fresh air and find my time with Knight and all the other dogs both invigorating and relaxing. In reality, who doesn’t like a well-behaved dog”.

Certain that others will enjoy a dog’s company on their next outdoors adventure Catherine recommends the experience to all. She always takes friends along, whether on a picnic or a hike and now has even more friends to go with. She encourages other to try DogTime Community too.